At Number 18 we hold a wide variety of classes, activities and events throughout the week for all ages, abilities and interests. We have health & well-being activities, exercise classes, learning & training events, community get together and family events.  There is always something going on at Number 18. 

We also regularly host special events.  We've got two main programmes.  Our community cinema showcases movies every month for your viewing pleasure.   CamGlen Radio also programme regular live music gigs via their CamGlen Presents programme.    We also regularly hold one off events like exhibitions and family events.

Try something new today and inspire yourself!   Have a browse through our Healthy n Happy calendar to find out what's on and when.   To find out more call us on 0141 647 5325 / 0141 646 0123 or email us no18@healthynhappy.org.uk